Culturally Inclusive Workplaces

This programme will develop CQ (Cultural Intelligence) skills to work effectively with colleagues, clients or learners from different generations, ethnicities, functions, organisations, regions, and backgrounds.

You will:

  • Explore your own cultural values
  • Compare your cultural values with people from different cultural clusters
  • Explore your ability to ‘culturally flex’ to relate to people who hold different cultural values
  • Set goals to become more culturally intelligent
  • Develop drive, knowledge, strategies and actions to become more culturally intelligent


  • Receive a free personalised CQ Report with recommendations for CQ goals
  • Value diversity in your team, on campus or in your community
  • Relate to people who are different from you
  • Enhance communication and well-being across cultures
  • Build team collaboration and productivity
  • Leverage diversity for innovative solutions

Two men holding a paper and working together

Programme Information


3 x workshops over 6 months


At your place, our place or online

Please contact us for pricing