Becoming a Team Leader

Transitioning from being an expert in your field to leading a team of people isn’t always easy. Our Becoming a Team Leader programme will help you learn how to motivate, manage and support your team members to own their performance goals and grow as a team.

Depending on requirements, the programme includes:

An introductory session where we’ll get clear on where you’re at, what you want to achieve and introduce you to coaching, mentoring and running effective meetings.

Building on our first session, you’ll learn how to motivate staff, how to create effective staff development plans, as well as effective coaching and mentoring strategies.

In our final session, we’ll review your progress as a mentor and coach and learn how to have courageous conversations.


  • Build professional relationships with your team members.
  • Develop coaching and mentoring skills.
  • Develop your capability as a leader to support staff development.
  • Value diversity in your team.
  • Develop staff capabilities to own their professional development.
  • Have challenging conversations.

Picture of two people talking