Cultural Intelligence for Inclusive Workplaces

Increasingly, we’re working with people who are different from us. Our team members may not share the same cultural values or ways of working. Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is the ability to relate to people who are different from us. Learning to become culturally intelligent helps build more inclusive, equitable workplaces.

Depending on requirements, the programme includes:

A discovery session where we’ll get clear on where you’re at, what you want to achieve and introduce you to CQ (Cultural Intelligence).

Building on initial individual CQ values and assessment results, we’ll deliver a workshop on Cultural Intelligence, tailored for your workplace.

We’ll also support you and your team to create a team action plan and performance development goals.

We’ll support continuous improvement¬†through tailored learning solutions as well as one to one coaching of your team members.

A post CQ assessment for each individual will identify progress and next steps.


  • Learn how to make a positive impact on your Diversity and Inclusion strategy.
  • Develop your capability as a leader to support staff development.
  • Receive certificates of completion to acknowledge individual progress in identifying and improving CQ.
  • Value diversity in your team.
  • Develop staff capabilities to support training practices that value languages, cultures and identities through personalised learning plans and tailored learning solutions.

Two men holding a paper and working together